Why Your Epos Needs to Be Mobile

Aug 23, 2017

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The ability to take payments is essential for any business. If you are still relying on the more traditional fixed point of sale system to take payments from customers, the chances are you will have thought about upgrading to a tablet based electronic point of sale. Tablet-based point of sale systems are becoming increasingly popular but the next big trend is mobile point of sale, where your staff can move around the store and take payment from anywhere on the shop floor. If you are thinking about switching and not yet sure whether a mobile EPOS system is for you, then we are here to help; here are some of the main benefits. 

Fully customisable

Mobile EPOS systems, like MePOS Mobile, are fully customisable and can be set-up to work exactly as you want. Your business is unique and what works for you may not work for someone else, so why try and make one EPOS fit all? Your choice of software can be set-up to accommodate the needs of your customers. For example, if you work in a restaurant, why not speed things up, cut out a step and set-up your mobile EPOS to send food orders straight to the kitchen? Or increase your profits by incorporating upselling prompts?

Take advantage of new opportunities

The ability of MePOS to switch between a static and mobile system, means it can be taken to customers as they wander round your store, queue at the till or browse your pop up shop outside. This is good for your customers as they don’t have to waste time queueing, but it also opens you up to new opportunities. If you have a lot of products on show, why not demonstrate one in store and have employees waiting with mobile EPOS systems to capture impulse buys? Alternatively, if you have multiple premises, take advantage of the mobility and move systems between premises to accommodate busy periods.

Increased control

Mobile EPOS systems use cloud based storage, so your data can be accessed from anywhere, giving you greater control. Automation of records also decreases the amount of time spent organising and filing payment records, saving you money and allowing you to concentrate on other things. Mobile EPOS systems are far more than just payment processors though, they collect a wealth of data, including product details, stock levels and customer information. Reports are quick and easy to produce and help you to make informed decisions about your business and how it is managed, which is not possible with previous POS systems.

Easy to maintain

No business wants downtime because of issues. Having a tablet based system and all your information in the cloud makes maintenance easy. Updates and upgrades occur automatically without you needing to do anything and if a part goes wrong, the modular design of MePOS makes it easy to fix or replace just that part, without your whole system going down.

Improved customer service

Mobile EPOS systems are more efficient and enable payments to be made faster than they would with other POS systems, which is good for your customers that want to be able to finalise a transaction as quickly as possible. As well as being mobile, MePOS systems can be set-up as static tills or customer led kiosks, giving you the flexibility to serve customers in the way they want. And, whichever way they pay, they have access to all information they may require – such as product details, prices and availability. Questions are therefore not left unanswered and time to sale is decreased.

The wireless functionality also enables printing to be carried out regardless of whether payments are made at the till or elsewhere in store. Therefore, receipts are not an issue and they can even be emailed, which is a good option for business people who are keeping track of expenses. The added benefit here, of course, is the collection of email addresses; why not add a tick box that states would you like to receive a copy of our newsletter or be informed about new deals as they come up?

Customers are at the core of any business; have great service and your customers will come back again and again. Combine this with an improved payment system and the ability to take advantage of all new opportunities that present themselves and you should find your profits go up… want to know more? Speak to us today.