Keeping Your Cash Flowing

Jul 27, 2017



Cash flow is essential to a successful business and it is important to have a strategy or plan in place to monitor and control your incomings and outgoings. There are many ways to improve your cash flow, for example increasing your prices, reducing your outgoings, invoicing promptly or making good deals with all your suppliers – something that is easier when on friendlier terms. Additionally, updating and streamlining your operational processes to improve efficiency will make a big difference, and one way to do this is to upgrade your electronic point of sale (EPOS) system to one that meets all your business needs. There are many available, but purchase the correct one, and you can future proof your business as well as improve your cash flow. If this sounds tempting then the fully-flexible MePOS is for you.

How MePOS can keep your cash flowing

EPOS systems are more than just tills, they enable you to keep track of exactly what is going on in your business. They can process payments, print receipts, control stock, show you what is in demand and what isn’t, collect and store customer information and monitor staff progress. All these features are beneficial when it comes to cash flow; speedier more secure payments increase customer service and keep customers coming back whilst the storage of customer data enables you to communicate efficiently and spread the word of offers to those interested. It is also good from a marketing perspective as you gain valuable insights into what your customers want, which can then be used to drive future decisions. The automatic stock control reduces the chance of over or under ordering, so you can maximise profits by not wasting money on unnecessary items or conversely not missing out on sales because of product unavailbiity.  

Every business is unique however, and the payment needs of one business will vary from the needs of another. MePOS understands this, and so has produced a fully-flexible system that can be set-up to suit your needs exactly, whether that is having a single till point in a small store or having multiple mobile payment devices that can be taken by your employees to customers while they browse. And, furthermore, you are not stuck with one, so if you have it set-up as a till but decide you want mobile payments or that a customer-led payment kiosk is what you need, then switching is quick and easy. Streamlining your process in this way, saves you time and money and enables you to maximise your payment opportunities, even if your requirements change.

Your business relies on customers paying you, so make it easy for them and keep cash flowing; upgrade to MePOS today.

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