Why Your EPOS Needs To Be Flexible

Jul 12, 2017

Life is fast-paced and whether it is in the retail, hospitality or entertainment sector, customers want to be able to make secure, fast and efficient payments from anywhere. Flexible Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems are revolutionising the customer payment experience and enabling you keep up with the ever-evolving consumer market, ensuring that fewer inpatient customers are lost to competitors. There are a wide-range of EPOS systems available on the market, and knowing which one to choose can be a challenge, but with flexible and fully customisable systems like MePOS you can’t go wrong.

Greater control

Installing a flexible EPOS system gives you greater control over your business. Unlike conventional tills, EPOS systems don’t just handle payments, they monitor your business. They can keep track of stock levels, show you what products are selling better than others, how individual staff members are performing, and through the collection of data, what your customers want. If your EPOS system can be converted from a fixed Point of Sale to a mobile Point of Sale, like MePOS, you have the ultimate in flexibility and the ability to take payment at the counter or anywhere else in your location.

Maximise opportunities

Increasing your flexibility in terms of how you take customer payments opens up a whole host of opportunities. For one thing, having an EPOS system that is not confined to a single counter means you can take payment from anywhere in your location. With MePOS, your customers don’t have to queue at the counter, your staff can go to them, which not only speeds up payment but also reduces the likelihood of customers getting restless and changing their minds. And, with wireless printing ability, printing receipts is hassle free. But, that is not the only way that a flexible EPOS system can help you to maximise opportunities.

Improve customer service

Customers are what keep your business going, so keeping them happy is important. Installing a flexible EPOS system makes life easier for your customers and gives them greater flexibility. The increased security, efficiency and ability to make faster payments also makes their experience a quicker and more positive one, especially during busy periods 

Show off your brand

A flexible and fully customisable EPOS system can look exactly as you want. MePOS allows you to ‘wrap’ your EPOS system, fully covering all surfaces in your choice of design. Why not show off your brand? Designing an EPOS system to work specifically for your business has other advantages too. One layout won’t suit all businesses - even one restaurant will work differently to another – choosing the right set up for your business ensures ease of use, which will increase the speed of sale and decrease customer frustration levels. Flexible EPOS systems like MePOS give you the ability to do things your way.


Regardless of your business, it is unlikely that you have only one electronic system at work. Flexible EPOS systems enable your payment management system to be integrated with any other systems you have - for example, your hotel reservation system. Having the ability to integrate your systems enables seamless operation of your business, leaving you with less admin, and again an increased level of customer service. Furthermore, with systems like MePOS, individual elements, whether the tablet, payment terminal or even POS software, can be switched out at any time. MePOS works with a range of tablets (Apple iOS, Windows and Android), giving you complete control and enabling you to use the technology that is right for you.

Future proofing

Your business is evolving continually, and what is right for you now in terms of a payment system may not be in a year. Having flexible, fully customisable hardware at your fingertips means that rather than buying a whole new system, you can easily alter and add functionality to your current one. With four different models to choose from, MePOS systems enable you to grow your business how you want, when you want.

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