Modular Electronic Point of Sale

The Smartest thing to happen to POS since ePOS

The MePOS® Ecosystem

MePOS® is an ecosystem of intelligent, tablet based point of sale hardware solutions. MePOS® empowers businesses with complete control over how and where they engage with their customers.

Great Companies Choose MePOS®

MePOS® Lite & Lite+

Use MePOS® Lite and Lite+ in stores, bars and restaurants where an elegant, minimal countertop presence is required, with the power to convert into a mobile information and payment solution.

MePOS® Mobile

MePOS® Mobile is a brilliantly designed end to end Mobile Point of Sale Solution, the core of component of the MePOS® ecosystem of products. Elegant hardware specific tablet and payment device connect together and facilitate dual charging via individual clips or docking stations.

Download MePOS® Mobile Datasheet.pdf

MePOS® Lite & Lite+

MePOS® Lite provides a simple, secure stand and charging solution for countertop tablets. MePOS® Lite+ combines MePOS® Lite with a payment device solution that quickly adapts into a mobile POS.

Download MePOS Lite & Lite+ Datasheet.pdf

MePOS® Pro

MePOS® Pro is a multi functional, feature loaded, future proof POS solution. MePOS® Pro was designed with the merchant in mind, a fully connected tablet based POS terminal with integrated printer and diagnostic CPU


Download MePOS® PRO Datasheet.pdf

The smartest thing to happen to POS since ePOS